Remember when airline food was good and what’s next – November 23

The flight.

Today Chris Ey and I caught a late morning flight from Johannesburg South Africa Livingstone Zambia for a short visit to Victoria Falls.

I have to give Kudos to British Airlines as I remember back in the day when airlines served reasonably good food and not at some premium charge to the ticket price. Today my surprise was this.

Food delivered.

Let’s eat! The vegetarian sandwich which I chose was delicious.

On the tarmac.

Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport

What’s next?

So I have to confess that when the option to visit Victoria Falls I just jumped on it with no research of my own as the travel agent in Cape Town handled the details. On the flight I had a window seat and the terrain all the way to Livingstone Zambia was quite flat and arid with no mountains in sight. My logical brain was beginning to wonder how on earth would we see a world renowned waterfall in this location? We will just have to see in my next post.

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