A long time coming – Retirement party at Symantec

I have been planning my retirement from Symantec since late last year when I jumped full on into the Clipper Round The World Race. It was difficult to tell my company of this decision and more difficult to tell my co-workers. I just couldn’t give the normal two weeks notice as I felt it necessary to inform Symantec way ahead of time. This because I needed thru June first for some SYMC options to vest and in the mean time I had to take significant time off for trips to Gosport for Clipper training. So I informed my manager in mid January and my work team about a month and a half later.

I did the best I could to maintain productive work contributions while the Race and planning for it was also top of mind. Symantec, my manager and co-workers could not have been more generous and understanding of my situation and future plans.

Today, just one day before my last day of work, Symantec threw me a big lunch and cake retirement party. Just too nice!

Symantec Team Foxtrot – The Best!

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